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Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Monitoring processes using control charts for attributes and variables, univariate and multivariate analyzes. Measurement System Analysis, Process Capability Analysis and Intervals of parametric and non-parametric tolerances.




Experimental Design (DOE)

Characterization of experimental planning processes by using designs such as: Gage R & R, Factorial, Fractional, Split-Plots, Hierarchical, Response Surface, Robust and Mixtures; responses univariate and multivariate nature.




Multivariate Methods (MVDA)

Exploit the information that exists in the structure of relationships between variables and use it to understand and improve processes through the use of PCA, PLS, and POBREP.




Sampling Plans Design and Analysis (SP)

Rational statistical sampling plans. Methods to reduce their risks while maintaining reasonable sampling. Methods for measuring characteristics decrease. Sampling by attribute or variable. Plans designed or standards-based plans.




Process Simulation

Model-based representation of chemical, physical, biological, and other technical processes and unit operations in software used for the design, development, analysis, and optimization of these technical processes.




Flow Facilities and Visibility

Visibility computer applications for shop floor management visibility of process performance in real time.





Industrial Statistics, Beyond Usual Statistics (Interactive Manual),  Design of Experiments, Multivariate Methods.